Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dinosaur Zodiac Color Sketches

#10oclockart PM edition. First post in awhile - I suffer from "AADD," or "artistic attention deficit disorder." I've decided to start a new project in the middle of all my others involving theropods and the signs of the Zodiac. Here are some preliminary color sketches:

Starting from top left - Aries (represented by Achillobator); Taurus (with Carnotaurus); Gemini (Geminiraptor); Cancer (Conchoraptors and crab); Leo (Tyrannosaurus rex); Virgo (Alectrosaurus or "unmarried lizard"); Libra (Gorgosaurus libratus); Scorpio (Skorpiovenator); Sagittarius (Sinovenator); Capricorn (Ceratosaurus); Aquarius (Pelecanimimus); Pisces (Ichthyovenator).


Albertonykus said...

Neat! I've seen a similar work here:

Raven Amos said...

Thank you - Yeah, I actually stumbled across that after I started the color sketches. I was inspired by this Facebook meme called the Metal Zodiac - I was not impressed by their depiction of Cancer, and a friend of mine bemoaned their version of Gemini. She stated that she had never seen a satisfactory version of Gemini, and come to think of it, nor had I - and Cancer was the same thing. Whether you believe in the zodiac or not (I don't really, but they're fun to read), every astrological sign deserves something awesome to represent them.