Monday, February 9, 2009

Psittacosaurus sibiricus - more progress

Thanks to Scott for helping me with the anatomy. I had made the body a wee bit too long. The legs and feet still need some work, but the angle of the head and body are nailed. I'm working on at least one other Psittacosaur to include with the scene.

I am seeing these creatures more and more as the warthogs of the Cretaceous - knobby, horned skulls, a blunted nose that would probably be suited for digging and rooting behaviors. Definitelly not like the lithe, two-legged P. mongolesis...

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Zachary said...

My only comments: On the hand, all the fingers were about the same length. The outer two (I and IV) were obviously a little shorter, but the length difference was not as severe as you've restored it. On the foot, the 1st toe would not hang so highly on the metatarsals. Psittacosaurus wasn't a theropod! The 1st toe has a fully-developed metatarsal, and the toe itself may have touched the ground.
Otherwise, I really like it. He's a fat little parrot lizard!