Tuesday, February 24, 2009

P. sibiricus - almost done!

So I have inadvertently posted a complete progression of a piece, from start to finish - something I have rarely done (at least online). Here is the main portion of my Psittacosaurus sibiricus drawing, ready for inking. I wasted too much time to do a digital painting for now, but maybe in the future I could be convinced to do something with it.


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Zach said...

Hmmm...just because you're my buddy doesn't mean I'm not going to go easy on you!

Psittacosaurus, as a genus, shows absolutely no specific skeletal adaptations for a digging lifestyle. A hypertrophied olecranon process, short, robust humerus, relatively immobile, vertebral column, and large claws with short fingers would characterize a digging or, perhaps, myrmecophagy.

Psittacosaurus, even P. sibiricus, lacked these features. In terms of bodily proportions, it was a bit more robust but otherwise similar to other species within the genus.

I think it's fine that you're showing the little bugger rooting around for something, but I just don't want to get anyone's hopes up that Psittacosaurus made a lifestyle out of it.

Incidentally, there are no "digging" dinosaurs aside from alvarezsaurs, which didn't so much dig as break open rotting trees to feast on the tender termites within (myrmecophagy).