Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cthulhu MK. II and Psittacosaurus head study

The scan doesn't do the sketch of Psittacosaurus justice - a lot of the musculature and fine details didn't translate well to digital. Le sigh...this was more of a warm up than anything else...familiarizing myself with my subject matter.

Psittacosaurus study

I'm pretty pleased with the way this Cthulhu is turning out, even if it's not _quite_ what I was going for...I guess drawing the personification of chaos and insanity is more difficult than it seems...

Cthulhu Head Study


ScottE said...

I want to see Psittacosaurus in person, then! It's a good start, though I hope to see the entire animal!

Cthulhu: looks good! And hey, it's supposed to be hard. (We sometimes take things too literally, and that's where Lovecraft gets his revenge.)

Zachary said...

Don't take "parrot lizard" quite so literally. Think more...hmmm...Protoceratops without a frill for the head. The body is pretty generalized ornithischian, but fat. The "quills" are only preserved on one specimen, and they seem confined to the tail. And the jugal horn flares outward. And don't forget the palpebral bones! They would give Psittacosaurus a permenant scowl. I've got some references if you want 'em.

Lovin' the Cthulhu! I think both of you are taking the beastie in a much different way than I.

Peter Bond said...

Nice Psittacosaur! Very parrot-like. Where is this sketch going? Painting?

Raven said...

Digital painting, probably, but knowing me, I might get frustrated and just do my old standby - pen and ink.