Friday, April 18, 2008

Triceratops Horridus

A rough sketch that will be incorporated into the final artwork for the art show in August. One thing I have found in my searching for Triceratops reference is all the art, with a few exceptions, seems so....static...lifeless. I am sure Triceratops did more than just stand around, legs akimbo...I wanted to really bring them to life. I saw after I scanned it that the back left foot isn't cambered correctly, as it seems to have turned into a rear 3/4 shot. This and the other feet will be adjusted accordingly.


Zach said...

I love it! It's a very different view of Triceratops than one normally sees.

Now, one thing. Don't believe Scott on this one--Triceratops (and all ceratopsids) walked with a "high sprawl" forelimb posture. Hindlimbs straight 'n' narrow, but forelimbs were a bit wider, elbows slightly out. Why? Probably because of their enormous freaking heads. Also, the angle of humeral insert forbids a fully erect forelimb gait.

'Tis my only critique. Otherwise, love it!

ScottE said...

Zach's comment: meh (we slightly disagree, but we also kid). But do what you feel is right. Your effort here, as ever, is outstanding.

Zach said...

Also, I should amend my comment. It's not like Triceratops was perpetually ready to do a push-up. Rather, the elbows were slanted slightly back, and the hands would have been more or less in line with the hindlimbs, but with the fingers rotated outward slightly. It's much easier to pantomime than describe in mere words.